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Move a Website as Webhost in WHM/Cpanel

A simple concise explanation - so much of the documentation seems convoluted that it's hard to understand.  If you are a webhost and you want to move a new account from another server, here are the easy instructions.

1. Backup the site from the original server and make a full copy.  Make sure to backup databases and email settings too

2. Install the full backups of everything on the new server so that a full copy exists.  

3.  Park a spare domain on top of the new copy and make sure it all works properly before the move takes place.  

Rent our Home and Buy it.

The home is at 5 Usher Street - it's a blue colonial era home (built in 1882) at the top of the street right where the swinging bridge used to be. The repayments will be $303 per week worked out over 25 years plus rates and insurance.

It's 3 bedrooms on 1300m2 (one third of an acre) and has air conditioning and a modern bathroom, laundry and kitchen. The best part is the spot it's built on.

If you are interested please call me on 0429363811 or email me at davidalley@peace.org.au and I can explain more information.

5 Usher Street

Make your Phone Number Private When Dialling

What happens if you need to speak to someone and you know they might not want to take your call if they knew it was you... you need to call anonymously and block your caller ID. Here is how you do it.

To make a private call in Australia, dial 1831 before you dial the number. For example, if you were going to dial (07)12341234 for a Queensland local number, you would dial 183112341234 if you are inside Queensland. If you are outside Queensland and you need to include the area code, you would dial 18310712341234.

Pay for Performance SEO Work - Rank First Pay Later

At Web Technology Queensland we are happy to work for you to rank your website, and then when your website does obtain a rank, we'll submit the invoice. Already a number of Australia businesses are taking us up on the offer and are seeing improved rankings already as a result, and they haven't even paid anything yet. You will only pay for performance.

How to Follow Someone on Twitter Without Having a Twitter Account.

You don't need a twitter account to follow tweets. Its very simple. You just need to text follow @twitteruser and change out @twitteruser for the actual twitter users username.

If you are in Australia, the number to text to is 0198089948.

In other countries here are the numbers:

SMS Gateway Price and Feature Comparison

Recently I have been developing a SMS application for a customer in Rockhampton and have spent significant time researching SMS Gateways for my customer in attempting to select the most appropriate one for his application.  Many great SMS Gateways don’t suitably work in Australia, which is dissapointing.  We have ended up selecting Tropo – www.tropo.com