The Booming Voice of God

One day I was under our church building fixing some pipes used to carry sound cables. They ran along the building and then up under the floor of the auditorium area so they could connect the front to the sound desk at the rear. Exactly at that moment a member of the church entered the building. It was an older timber building with a high ceiling that echoed (sounded great during singing) and perfect for what I did next. I cupped my voice to the pipe, which ran up into the building, and in the deepest voice I could muster said, "PAUL, THIS IS GOD SPEAKING."

It did get his attention momentarily. However he realised it was just a joke rather quickly. I have a tendency to laugh.

Anyway my point is that Christians are often waiting for the direction of God before they take action. However this seems quite contrary to how Christ taught us to be and how we should live.

Instead Jesus taught many parables about leaving servants in charge and going away and coming back to see how they went. In other words, he left it up to the people to decide and have a go.

Whilst I won't go into great detail with this idea, I have elaborated it tremendously in my mind as I thought through much of the teaching of Christ, the parables and other Bible stories.

I have summarised this line of thinking down to 3 essential concepts:

  1. God Wants You To Do Stuff: What I mean here is that it's not enough to just NOT DO bad things to be a good person. A good person that pleases God actually must do good things. The last servant in the parable of the talents was chastised as "wicked and lazy" for not doing anything. So to please God we must have faith and do stuff.
  2. God Lets You Choose What To Do: This is true at least much of the time with the Bible full of stories of believers simply doing what was on their heart. In essensce God has already spoken and told us what to do. We are to love our neighbours, love our enemies, preach the gospel, go into all the world, heal the sick. Its just a matter of having a go and figuring out what that means for us. So you get to choose what to do... have a go.
  3. There Is a Bonus Awaiting: For those who do show initiative and take action, there is a bonus waiting. My Son David Elijah recently decided to do some cleaning up in the yard without being asked. I was so impressed by his initiative I gave him bonus pocket money. Then I realised God is the same. When King David took initiative to build God a temple, God was impressed, and even though it was eventually Solomon who did the building, God said "because you wanted to build me a house, I will build you a house." David was given a bonus by God. And its the same for all people who put God first - they get a bonus. The first that says it best is "seek first the kingdom... and all these things will be added unto you."

So there you have it. The Booming Voice of God is actually your Bible in your hards. It contains all the things God has already said to do... you already know what He wants. Now you need to take action.

"But But But" you object, "I haven't had a calling."

The Bible says "many are called, but few are chosen." Don't be one of the foolish ones who thinks they aren't called and doesn't get chosen as a result. You are already called so take action and be one of the chosen ones that God uses.

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