The Fool Says "In His Heart"

FoolWe have all heard that semi famous bible verse from Psalms 14:1 which says "The fool says in his heart, there is no God." And driving around various places you will see terrible stickers on the cars of professing Christian believers making jokes about atheists being fools and quoting this scripture.

However, I have come to see, that not all atheists are fools based upon the definition of this scripture, and some bible believing people ARE.

Operation World - Malta and Mauritania

Earlier this year I was pondering my family and how to get my children to have a love for the gospel and missions like I do myself. I realised that just telling them it's important was never going to work, and I needed to change something in my life so that they would "catch it" from me. That was when I decided as part of our evening prayers every night, that we would pray for one nation in the world, and gradually over the course of a year pray for every country.

Uganda The Pearl of the Middle East

It was Sir Winston Churchhill who visited Uganda and called it the Pearl of Africa. Of course when I visited Uganda in July this year I didn't know that and I wondered why it was called that. After talking with our very kind African hosts they told me that Sir Winston had visited many African nations and that this one boasted wonderful crops, good rain, was very plentiful and green and stood out to him above the other nations he had visited. I'm not sure if that was true or not, but my time there came to inspire me greatly also because of a few other things I realised.