5 Ways to Save Time & Money on your IT Needs

The Internet is supposed to be this great thing that liberates us to communicate, connect and open up all these possibilities for us. That might be true but at the same time it has loaded us down with so many little jobs and tasks and it becomes expensive and nearly impossible to keep on top of it, unless you have a lot of money to hire someone, or a lot of spare time.

So here is David Alley's guide with ways to save time and money on your IT needs.

Multiple SMTP Ports in Exim to bypass Telstra ISP

If you are running Exim mail manager and finding that mail just doesn't send. It might be because Telstra is your ISP and they don't like you sending except from their email. So they block port 25 to force that to happen. So you need to open up another port.

However what if as a server admin you open up another port (say port 26) and now all your customers who don't have Telstra as an ISP have to change their settings too - kind of inconvenient don't you think.

Premature end of script headers: Drupal Error

After moving servers today one of my accounts stopped working. The other 90 odd websites were fine, but one just threw up a blank white page.

What to do??

First check the error logs to see what the reason is, and this is what the apache error logs told me. Premature end of script headers: index.php. Of course don't forget that there are lots of error logs and sometimes a few sets in a few place - make sure you check the right ones.

Mass Update TTL Settings at Once Easily with WHM/Cpanel

Yesterday I moved servers and had to update the TTL settings on about 100 accounts on my server. There is no method for doing this with WHM/Cpanel but using the command line and ssh you can do this really easily in about 2 minutes... here is how.

Firstly If you are not familiar with the command line - make sure you have SSH turned on in your WHM settings. Then open a terminal (if using Linux) or download putty (if using Windows) and use these commands.

Enthusiasm in a Can

Enthusiasm in a CanDon't you wish you could bottle qualities. I know I do. I had thought that there were certain qualities that if you could bottle and sell, that you would become a millionaire overnight.

For example take the quality of 'confidence' - imagine being able to buy a dose of confidence for a few dollars and then be able to bunjy jump without fear, or address that crowd with a rousing speech, or anything at all that you are afraid of.

Why Muslims Think Australia and America are Evil

Over the years I've read a lot of articles about various religions and ways of thinking. After September 11, 2001, I became increasingly interested in Islam and the way that Muslims think, and have read much including several biographies of the man Mohammed (who they call a Prophet) who started the religion of Islam. I have read biographies written by both Muslims and non Muslims and they all seem to agree on the historical events in his life and how Islam was founded.

Stop Bounces When Piping an Email to a Script

Recently I built a script to send sms messages from an email. This was to help me monitor my servers. However everytime I sent an email I got a bounce. I tried a lot of different things to stop the bounces and finally did. Here are some of the things you should try, and my ultimate solution.