The Line between Kenya and Somalia

According to statistics compiled by Operation World, Kenya is the nation in the world with the highest percentage of evangelical Christians. This is not to disparage other types of believers, but rather just to show that the majority of people in Kenya claim to love and follow God. If you count all forms of Christianity in this nation, then over 90% of people have faith in Christ in one way or another. It is also affecting the nation because the nation has one of the highest growth rates of GDP in Africa and is growing and doing well. It is the blessing of God and a sign of His favour.

However, take a look at your map of Africa. Kenya neighbours other nations, including Somalia to the north east. I don't believe there are two nations in the world more diverse that border each other. Somalia is the complete opposite of what Kenya is.

Somalia is a nation of poverty, famine, no economic progress. It is in the grip of civil strife and continued unrest, plagued by piracy on the high seas, and clans and militias fighting for control. One terrorist group Al Shabaab keeps a list of known Christians and progressively eliminates them so as to completely eradicate Christianity from Somalia. As a result there are very few people who are known to believe in the God of the Bible. Fear prevails, westerners don't invest, crops don't grow, millions die of starvation. Even the United Nations fears to enter. It is a nation which is supposedly 100% Islamic.

One would have to ask, "What is Islam doing for this nation to help it?" An observer would have to remark that Islam is killing everything and bringing death.

So we have two places in the world which neighbour each other, and completely diverse, and yet separated by just a line on the map. This line is of human demarkation (or perhaps some spiritual principality demarks this line) and separates two completely different ways of life and thought.

Jesus said to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel," and to "make disciples of all nations." He didn't say of course to only go if it was safe, or if there would be no risks, or if there would be no opposition. Of course the whole Christian world has really taken a wait until things get better in Somalia to go there, but that is not what Christ said. So now something has begun to happen to get attention on the need. The militants have come looking for the gospel.

Of course Al Shabaab don't know that they are wanting the gospel, but when they attacked the Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi last year (2013) that is what they were saying.

A proper study of history shows that whenever God's people (the Church) fail to take the gospel to a group of people who need it, that this group will come looking for it by attacking, plundering, pilfering and causing havoc. This happened with the persecution of the church in the book of Acts (the church still hadn't gone out after about ten years) and has continued right through history.

Events as Westgate, as horrible as they are, and with all sympathy to those affected, bring me to say, "We must pray for the nation of Somalia, we must go to the nation of Somalia, we must reach out to Somalians wherever we find them." People must take the great commission literally and go there. If you live in Kenya - go down to Mombasa and visit the refugee camps full of Somalians and share the gospel with them. It's the least you can do. For people elsewhere, you must pray, and reach out to Somalians who live in your community, that is the least you can do.

And for all believers anywhere, ask this question, "Who is God sending me to?" It's not a matter of if, but who, because the great commission already makes it clear we are to go.

So yes there is a line on the map demarking two groups and two ways of life, but there should be no line in our hearts. Go over and reach out.