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David Alley

From the young age of 19 David pastored his own church in the once gold rich Mt Morgan, Australia. For 14 years David experience the up and down life of a rural congregation in a small town with high unemployment and the ebb and flow of life.

Back when Google was new, David discovered Adwords as a method to promote non profit ideas and started using Google Ads to share the gospel with people linking them to resources and information on his websites. This was a novel idea at the time, the ads were cheap with no competition. In a space of 2 years David introduced 3000 people to Christ and shared the gospel with over 40,000 people in about 20 languages from over 100 countries.

In addition, David has built a number of ministry websites has written a number of articles and short books promoting evangelism and mission. David is currently Personal Assistant to John Alley and youth pastor at Peace Australia. In addition to preaching weekly at youth services, David leads teams of young people to various places to share the gospel and to grow ministry gifts in them.

David has travelled to a number of nations including Haiti, India, Sri-Lanka, the Philippines, and has also lived in Papua New Guinea for 5 years as a child with missionary parents.

David is a drupal developer in addition to his work with youth and mission and has a number of blogs of a variety of subjects at www.davidalley.com.au

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